I'm sure Chinook radio announcer Ron Brewski is still recovering from what must have been an exhausting broadcast of the Chinook-Centerville football game Friday night, won by the Beeters, 64-61. That got me digging into the record books, wondering if that may have been a record for most points scored in at least an eight player game. (You know that in six player football, 64-61 could be a halftime score.)

Unfortunately, the Montana High School Association doesn't have records for most points scored by two teams in one game. They do have records for most points scored by one team in one game, and there have been some eye-openers there, especially considering it was eleven player football.

The record for most points scored by one team in one game is 144 -- more than Chinook and Centerville combined! Yes, it was a long time ago, as the 1919 dynamo from Glendive beat their eastern rival Custer County (Miles City) with those 144 points. No word how many Miles City scored, but hopefully they got something!

According to the record book, that same 1919 Glendive team scored 137 points against New England. Now, that sure isn't the Bill Belicheck-Tom Brady New England -- it's not even the Jim Plunkett-Jim Nance-Gino Cappelletti New England which moved from Boston to Foxboro in 1970. I have no idea where in eastern Montana New England would be. Any clues?

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