The book is, "Frackopoly: The Battle for the Future of Energy and the Environment," & it will blow your mind. Wenonah Hauter, one of our nation's leading public interest advocates & a veteran campaigner against electricity deregulation in the 1990's, is the author of this potboiler, & Wenonah wails that "the rush to fracking is dangerous to the environment & treacherous to human health!" We live & work here in Montana, & you don't have to tell us about "electricity deregulation." We learned the hard way! "Frackopoly" describes in breathtaking vivid detail how the fracking industry began; the technologies that make it possible; & the destruction & poisoning of clean water sources & the release of harmful radiation from deep inside shale deposits, creating what Wenonah calls "sacrifice zones" across the American landscape. With a wealth of new data, "Frackopoly" outlines the need for REAL debate on fossil fuels & market-based schemes to address environmental problems-& the need for a NEW environmentalism that is uncompromising & independent of industry influence. We all have our opinions but I suggest you READ "Frackopoly" & broaden your horizons. I haven't read anything this powerful since Jennifer Haigh's "Heat And Light!" Check out this truly powerful manifesto from The New Press at:

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