I've seen hostage negotiation sessions that go smoother than when I get the Gabby Cabby on the line! Peter Franklin, the New York City cab driver will be joining me this afternoon (Tuesday) at a quarter to 5 on the Puffman Show. That wacky driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge has a ton of True Tales from the nitty-gritty streets of New York, New York. I want to touch base with the Gab Man & see how the reservations are going for his NEW Gabby Cabby Brooklyn Tour set for next year. ALL Pete's True Tales are available at his website: gabby.com & I note that Pete's jaws are tight this week over a $57 million dollar Norman Rockwell auction in the city. The man also has some opinions on guns, shotguns, rifles & gun control. I hear that 50% of the NYC cabs must be wheelchair accessible by 2020 & I'll be asking Pete about his feelings on this deal. When you read Pete's True Tales this week, notice that there's a line on there that reads, "Tax The Puff"...what the heck is this about?! We'll find out this afternoon at 4:45 & hear about Gabby's Kevin Bacon sighting not to mention his "Smiler-Of-The-Week. See you this afternoon at 4:45 with the Gabby Cabby on the Puffman Show.