There's really nothing like the visceral thrill of listening to a good, loud AC/DC song. It makes you want to pump your fist, stomp your feet, and...get behind the wheel of a sensible four-cylinder economy car that gets great gas mileage?

Well, maybe not. But Hyundai is still reportedly interested in using the Australian rock legends to help add an extra splash to their Super Bowl ads -- and even if it doesn't seem like the most natural fit, as Bravewords points out, the automaker could use all the extra dazzle it can get: The 150 seconds of ad time they've purchased during the game will cost them something like $9.5 million. (To put things in perspective, that's enough to buy 565 Hyundai Elantras at MSRP.)

Their few seconds as car shills should give the guys in AC/DC a nice added cash infusion -- not that they really need it these days, what with the impressive sales figures generated by their recent decision to put their catalog up for digital download on the iTunes store. Either way, rock fans should savor this glimpse of the band; according to guitarist Malcolm Young, their next album is still "a year or two away."