The overpass in Cut Bank was opened today after a mere 73 years in the making! The residents of Cut Bank will no longer have to wait for a train to get to school, the store, the school or anything else. The commissioners cut the ribbon on the overpass that has been a LONG time coming this morning in Cut Bank.

This project required the cooperation of several surrounding counties, all of them noting the overpass in Cut Bank as the district's number one priority. Toole County, Liberty County, Teton county were all on board with the project. Without their co-operation, the project would probably have been pushed aside yet again.

Long time Cut Bank resident, Bill McCaulley has been instrumental for the project for the past 20 years. Bill attended many meetings all over the state to discuss the project. To the point of being asked not to come any more!

Cut Bank Mayor Doug Embody and his grandchildren were the first to drive across the overpass in the vintage fire truck used in parades in the community.