Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, has a real True Tale this week about a New York woman who rescued a mistreated cat & took it to the vet. The cops arrested the woman for STEALING the cat & she went to the slammer for a day & a night! I would like to tell you that the Gab Man sprung her from her cell & adopted the "stolen cat". I can't tell you that because that's not what happened but it still makes for a good True Tale. The Driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge will be joining me this afternoon (Thursday) at a quarter to 5 on the Puffman Show with not only this True Tale, but some other sizzling stories direct from the streets of New York. Pete had a real celebrity sighting was Patrick Stewart who I never heard of but then again, I NEVER watched Star Trek. You can call me the Puffman but don't call me a Trekkie...I'm not!...I'm a big Gabby Fan though & looking forward to getting the original "Tight Jaws" man on the horn this afternoon at 4:45. His "Smiler" this week promises to be another real knee slapper. See you later today with the Gabby Cabby. Check out his cool webpage at: This guy was on the internet when Hector was a pup! If you're going to New York & want to avail yourself of one of the greatest tours of the Big City, be sure & contact Pete for one of his infamous tours...he may have a big mouth but he knows a lot of stuff! See you later this afternoon with my friend from the other side of the aisle, Peter Franklin, aka, the Gabby Cabby.