AT&T have dug out the iconic Deep Purple riff from 'Smoke On The Water' as part of their new ad campaign for their mobile devices.

In the ad, we see Dad in the kitchen while the kids are cooking a side of rock and roll stew of their own in the living room. The youngsters use their mobile devices to play the opening riffage to 'Smoke On The Water.' The music intrigues Dad, who decides to join in on the faux-rock action. He, however, opts for the more organic wooden spoon and pan. The kids, as expected, are not amused at the sight of their dad having some kind of 'Machine Head' flashback.

While you do not hear the actual Deep Purple recording in the commercial, there is no mistaking that riff for the ages, even if it is being played on some kind of newfangled devices. Can one of the heaviest and most iconic riffs of all time help to sell the AT&T Mobile Share? Of that, we cannot be certain, but if Deep Purple are getting royalties from this thing, more power to 'em! Their new album, 'NOW What?!' is out now.

Watch The AT&T Mobile Commercial with 'Smoke on the Water'

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