TV and radio host Eddie Trunk shared the first audio clips from ‘That Metal Show”s upcoming interview with Axl Rose of Guns N Roses on his radio program last night (Nov. 4), with the singer detailing the effort he puts into preparing for the band’s three hour long concerts.

Trunk and his ‘That Metal Show’ co-hosts (including Jim Florentine, who recently helped us cut Metallica‘s ‘Load’ and ‘Reload’ albums down into one record) interviewed Rose for an hour following one of their marathon concerts recently, with the results set to be aired on VH1 Classic Nov. 11.

When told how impressive his vocal performance was earlier in the night, Rose humbly responds, “I had a good night. It’s not an anomaly, but I did have a good night, and I have been taking care of my voice. I do warm-ups before the show, I do warm-downs after the show, I do those religiously.”

Trunk goes on to ask if Rose feels that he painted himself into a corner by singing in such a high register on the band’s early records, to wish Axl humorously replies, “I did that, with ‘You Could Be Mine,’ the first time I had to play (that) live, I was like ‘what did I do? What have I done, I have to sing this live now!’”

As for how the band prepares for these epic concerts? “Well, everybody in this band has their own physical regimen they have to go through. I do a lot of cardio when I can, or when I can force myself to. But yeah, you gotta get your wind up, and you’ve gotta get your head in the right place and go out and do it.”

He also says his bandmates should get part of the credit for including so many songs into each set. “It’s an interesting thing because it’s not just me. It was (that way), in kind of starting with some of these guys, but now, when we did this last run after being off the road for a while, they’re coming to me wanting to throw songs in the set. ‘Hey, (drummer) Frank (Ferrer) wants to do this one’…and I’m like (jokingly) ‘Well, tell Frank nobody asked!’”

Listen to Axl Rose’s Interview with Eddie Trunk


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