I was at the Marias Heritage Center last evening (Tuesday) sharing some Montana History with some of the residents. We're almost half way through Great Falls' writer Ruth McLaughlin's thoroughly fascinating "Bound Like Grass". I've told you about the book and the author before, but the deeper we get into her story of growing up poor, desolate, hungry, cold, lonely, cut-off-from-the-main stream of life, I can easily see why Ruth won the prestigious Montana Book Award. It's a sad tale and for all intents and purposes, I figure she might have well as grown up in some crater on the moon! This isn't "How Green Was My Valley", it's more like "Hi-Jacked Somewhere Up Here On The Hi Line". I'm looking forward to returning to the Heritage next week, and speaking for myself, I can't wait to put my nose back into this great read once again. I hope it has a happy ending. Then again, where we are in the book right now, it can't get much worse...or can it? See you next Tuesday.

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