I work in Shelby and live in Cut Bank, so I can't just run home for lunch, I'm too lazy (or too disorganized) to pack a lunch, so I eat out every day.

Saving some cash is always a hot topic, so I thought I'd help you out and give you the top 5 cheap restaurants in Shelby. Great places to get a good meal for a great price!

#5 Best Cheap Restaurant in Shelby - Shelby Sports' Club I almost always have the same thing.  It's a really great Chicken Strip Salad and it runs about $10 with a drink.

#4 Best Cheap Restaurant in Shelby - KowLoons Chinese Restaurant

They have the BEST lunch buffet for $5.25.  I love Chinese food, so this one is a no-brainer for me.  Where else can you get all-you-can-eat Chinese cuisine for under $10.00?

#3 Best Cheap Restaurant in Shelby - Subway Jared is NOT wrong - Subway is a great place to grab a sandwich!  $5.00 footlongs speak for themselves!

#2 Best Cheap Restaurant in Shelby - Pizza Hut is a good choice too. You can get a pizza, sandwich or even pasta! I might eat there too much, when I call, I just say my name and they know what I am ordering!  My personal favorite, The Supremo and a large Dr. Pepper - YUM!  All that and a smile when you pick it up runs just under $9.00.

#1 Best Cheap Restaurant in Shelby - The Dash Inn is a great place to grab a burger, fries and a shake or ice cream cone. I love The Dash and it reminds me of summer, even when there's snow on the ground, the prices are great and - hey - it reminds me of summer!

So, are you a brown bagger, go home for lunch, or go out like I do.  Either way - I'd love to hear your ideas for a great place to get a great price on a great meal!  Comment and tell us where you're eating!