The International Dark-Sky Association Montana Chapter will be hosting "virtual" events to celebrate International Dark Sky Week next week, Sunday the 19th through NEXT Saturday, April 25th. The Chapter strives to protect Montana's heritage of star-filled nights by working with businesses, towns, groups & individuals to keep our night skies dark & to help Montanans solve light pollution issues both in our rural & urban areas. Communications Chair Jessica Shaw says, "While life on Earth has changed dramatically, the night sky has predictably kept its course. We know that the stars are constant & now, more than ever, their beauty can offer comfort & connection around the world." International Dark Sky Week was created in 2003 by a high-school student who wanted to raise awareness about light pollution. Come mid-July, Montana's awe-inspiring night sky hopes to be center stage again at the Montana Learning Center's inaugural Big Sky Festival. The 3 day event will be held at the MLC campus at Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena, home to the LARGEST public-use observatory in the state. It goes without saying, that spring star parties & other events were CANCELLED due to out governor's orders on congregating & the IDA''s international directive to pause all outreach until mid-May. I submit it best to enjoy & appreciate what all we have right now, including Montana's Big Sky!

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