This evening, around the state of Montana, I'm guessing there were quite a few families doing exactly what my family was doing...  Sitting around the TV watching some teenagers from Billings play in one of the biggest games of their young lives.

It was a tough defensive game, there were few hits and no runs. Still, it was an exciting game and everyone in our living room was glued to the set.  Then it started to look like it was going to be a LONG game, they were through six innings and NO score.  My husband decided to go out and work, my daughter had cheerleading work to do, so I stayed next to the TV, sort-of watching, but not overly intently.  And then IT happened.  The first batter for Montana in the bottom of the seventh was Ben Askelson.  And he hit it!  He hit it out of the park!  A walk off home run to win the game!  Unbelievable!!