Bowenwork of Montana located at 925 Oilfield Ave in Shelby and at Fitness Express in Chester. Marla Hasquet is a certified Bowenwork Practitioner. She has been in business for over six years.

Bowenwork is a dynamic body therapy that is gentle and effective. The key to success is how it rests the body working through the nervous system to relive a variety of symptoms such as back and neck pain, frozen shoulder, headaches, muscle tension, sciatica, shin splints, sports injuries, sore muscles from everyday tension or weekend household and yard chores. Bowenwork relaxes your muscles and resets your body. It is ideal for all ages from newborn to seniors. Sessions last 45 minutes to one hour and can be done through light clothing. Bowenwork originated in Australia by Tom Bowen, who developed his technique throughout his lifetime. Presently it is practiced in 30 countries around the world for more information please take a moment and view Marla's website To book an appointment please call Marla Hasquet at 460-0728.

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