Our City of Shelby would like to ALL of us that a building/zoning permit is REQUIRED for construction work done WITHIN the Shelby city limits. A permit's needed for work done to commercial buildings as well as single-family dwellings. Work like a deck, front steps with a landing, or any addition to your home (a roof change, structural changes, & any new building over 200 square feet in area) requires a permit. Exempt items to single-family dwellings are: re-roofing, residing & a remodel WITHOUT a structural change. A moving/zoning permit's required for the placement of mobile homes, modular buildings & conventional frame buildings of ALL uses onto private lots within the city. Moving a mobile home into a state licensed mobile home court is exempt. However, it does require a Toole County moving permit. Best thing I can see, best advice "I" can give is to call the building inspector's office located out at the City Shop (66 City Shop Road) at 434 5564. They'll have the details & information you'll need. Make Shelby PROUD...do things the "right" & lawful way. "I" always like to remind myself, "By the yard, it's hard, but inch by inch, it'll be a cinch!

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