Has Yellowstone National Park changed over more than 140 years? Not so much. Yellowstone became the world's FIRST national park back in 1872. The year before, photographer William Henry Jackson was in an expedition to explore & document the region. Now, there's going to be an exhibit at the National Museum of Wildlife Art down in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this summer to show how Yellowstone has changed over more than 140 years. Photographer Brad Boner recently visited dozens of sites photographed by Jackson. In fact, Boner painstakingly replicated IN COLOR more than 100 of Jackson's black & white photographs. This project took Boner to popular places as well as some accessible only by canoe or long hikes. For the most part, Boner's images show that Yellowstone has remained mostly "unchanged"(I've noticed the same thing with my friend Norma Ashby) although there's some exceptions like rock pinnacles that have collapsed. In the park, NOT Norma!

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