The Bobcat Tailgate party in Shelby last weekend was quite a success.  Ringside Ribs was set up to feed about 120 max, but they ended up feeding more than 150 and the crowd was rumored to be about double what was expected.   See what one victory will do!

I happened to notice the gigantic ring that Coach Rob Ash was wearing and while talking to Joe at Fox Fine Jewelers in Great Falls I brought it up.   He knows a lot about rings.  I didn't know what the ring was for but I found out later that it was from The Cats 2010 Big Sky Conference Championship and I'm told that every player on the team got one with their name and # on it.      If you're reading this, I'm assuming that you've seen how cool the ring is.

On another subject, apparently while on the air this morning I sounded as if I was questioning that there was a tornado in the Valier area.  That was not my intent and if I came off like that I'm sorry.

Speaking of weather, I took a full tour of the Marias Valley Golf  Course Thursday night and it was amazing.  Water across the fairway on hole #15 is right by the river, but it doesn't come from the river on the bank right by.  It's actually water that heads into the former river bed further downstream and then pretty much winds it's way all thru the course.   While walking I spotted an otter swimming around, a large carp in the water on the #15 fairway and a couple of snakes.  One of them appeared to be a very small rattler but it was curled up and I couldn't see the tail.   It was right along the water on the #7 fairway.