It was back in July, of 1923, when Shelby was host to the world heavyweight championship fight between Jack Dempsey & Tommy Givens, & if you missed it the first time, don't worry about a thing. "Ringside Shelby." The fight itself along with the amazing circumstances & the story-behind-the-story will be shown on the big screen of the beautiful Orpheum Theatre in Conrad, NEXT Tuesday, the 11th. Bib Hjelm & Gus Chambers will be my special guests THIS Wednesday afternoon at 2:30, to discuss this latest offering from the Pondera Arts Council. Jack Dempsey always reminded me of the Steve Miller tune, "Take The Money & Run!" Ringside Shelby, presented by the Pondera Arts Council, is a production of Chris Wheeler for Montana Public Television, & Chris will be present at the Orpheum for a Q & A on the making of this spectacular documentary. Speaking of "spectacular," the admission to the Orpheum for Ringside Shelby will be FREE! Looking forward to having Bob & Gus in our studios this Wednesday.

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