My friend, Chan Romero, was only 17 years old back in 1959, when he wrote the "Hippy Hippy Shake." Flash ahead to 2919, & I'm still shaking it to the left & shaking it to the right & doing EVERYTHING on the Puffman Show with ALL might! Meanwhile, over in Havre, Democratic Representative Jacob Bachmeier is hoping to see our 2019 Montana Legislature declare the infamous "Hippy Hippy Shake" Montana's official rock & roll song, & why NOT! Chan Romero hangs his hat out in southern California these days, & Chan will be joining me long distance LIVE on the Puffman Show this afternoon (Monday) around 3:30, give or take a few minutes, to catch up with us & share his thoughts & feelings of his hit record becoming our official state rock & roll song. My gosh, the tune's been featured in 7 or 8 movies & has been recorded by about 20 groups including THE BEATLES! In fact, I spoke with Chan last week & he had just returned from Liverpool, England, for all intents & purposes the birthplace of the Beatles. Looking forward to touching base with Chan this afternoon. No doubt the both of us will be shaking it to the left & shaking it to the right & the whole danged "radiator" station's going to be shaking & quaking with all it's might! Besides all that, it's always MY pleasure to have somebody on the program who's even older than I am! Welcome aboard Chan!

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