"Bee," like in "pollinator!" If you're a gardener, & who's not in our beautiful Golden Triangle, you'll want to check out the MSU Liberty County Extension's Pollinator Class they're hosting tonight (Monday.) Class begins at 6, at the Chester Methodist Church with guest presenter, Abiya "Abi" Saeed, MSU Extension Horticultural Specialist. Me? I'm wondering if the "a" in "Saeed" is silent, & the name's pronounced "Seed?"  If it is, it's the perfect name for a horticultural specialist! This evening's class will focus on best management practices for pollinators in the yard & garden landscape, including information about plants for attracting pollinators, safe pesticide use, & management alternatives that can reduce negative effects on pollinators in our home gardens, & keep them "buzzing" for years to come.

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