It probably wasn't the first choice of what to be doing on a cold Saturday afternoon, but none-the-less, 25 individuals from around the Golden Triangle,  braved the below-zero wind chill temperatures  and jumped into a tank of freezing cold water to benefit Mt. Special Olympics.

"HI-LINE-HOP"  Coordinator Cheree Miller says the event raised $7,171.00.  Thirty one people registered and raised money but 6 registered as "chickens" and didn't jump into the water.  I considered the same scenario but decided later that this kind of thing could add years to my life, or end it right now, so I took the plunge.   It was cold especially when I first shed my winter coat, but once I jumped in and then hopped out, there was a clear-headed exhiliration that I can hardly describe.

Hats (and clothes) off to the U-S Border Patrol team who raised $2,265.00.    The rest of the teams and amounts raised;

Awesome $1,244.00, Shelby Life $872.00, Snyders Minon $740.00, Pondera County w/ Sheriff Tom Kuka who looked especially good in his red long john and ducky slippers, $500.00, KSEN $390.00, Toole County w/ Sheriff Donna Matoon who dove right in with the full uniform. (I think she lost her pistol) $310.00.  Sunburst H.S. $255.00   Glacier Co. EMS $210.00 and numerous other individuals.

Special Olympics Athlete A.J. McKamey also took the plunge in a great costume.

Congratulations and Thanks to everyone who participated and the guy who stayed in the water the whole time, in a wet suit, to make sure nobody froze to death.