As I was eating my Wheaties yesterday morning, taking a look at the Great Falls Tribune, I noticed that the acts for the 2011 Montana State Fair were listed. That started me thinking about the first concert I ever attended, I was about 20 and dating a guy from Hot Springs, MT ( who would later become my husband) and he thought it would be fun to go to the Mule Palace in Evaro Montana.  Sounds like fun doesn't it? I grew up on the east side of Marias Pass, so I had never even heard of the Mule Palace.  I'm not sure how long it goes on, but Montana Mule Days last a few days at least and it's an interesting experience. While we were there for the weekend, I attended my first ever "big" concert, Charlie Daniels.

Charlie Daniels

It just so happens that the star of my first concert will be at the Montana State Fair this year.  Charlie Daniels is on for July 30th at 7pm at the Four Seasons Arena.  You can catch the whole lineup on the Fair Site

So I asked around the office to see about my co-workers first concert.  It turns out Charlie Daniels is the only one of them performing at the fair, but the answers were interesting none the less.  Check out the answers after the jump.

Van Halen 1983

The boss, Julie Martin says "Van Halen...1983 was 15 years old in Arizona. My brothers who are 5 & 10 years older took me."

Dr Hook and the Medicine Show

Susan tells me her first concert was Dr Hook and the Medicine Show, she's not sure when, but she does remember that she went with her friend, Brenda.

Doobie Brothers 1982

Adam Gottfried remembers his first concert clearly, he says "Doobie Brothers…1976 in Lethbridge, Alberta (Lethbridge Sportsplex at the time).  They did China Grove for the Encore.  BIG FUN!!"

Holly Rogers, who's quite a bit younger than the rest of us, went to her first concert with her mom and dad.

Alice Cooper

Then I moved on to the on-air staff.  Mark's first concert (as far as he can remember)

"If I remember right, the first concert I ever went to was Alice Kooper ("School's out for Summer")

and of course the biggest shock was when he came out with the big snake wrapped around

his neck and the black make up on his face.  Scary!  I Believe that Dr. Hook was his opening act.

Some of the other memorable concerts were The Beach Boys, The Who (great), & REO Speedwagon."

What was YOUR first Concert - Chime in and let us know!

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