According to High School Principal, Peter Hamilton, the CBHS handbook has a BIG change in it this year. It's an alteration of the 10 Day Rule (or the Absence Policy). We've included the text of the policy here: (you can always check out the Handbook at the District Website)

10 Day Rule

Board Policy 3122

1. A student will be allowed 10 absences per class, per semester. An absence is any time the student is not physically present in class.

Students who are absent will be permitted to make up work missed and to receive grades for time absent. The responsibility of contacting the instructors, getting assignments, doing the work and submitting it to the instructor rests with the student. A student will be permitted one day for each day absent to complete make-up work.

If a student is to be absent, the parent/guardian must call the school any time after 7:30 a.m. or send a note to notify the school of the absence. The phone number is 873-5629. If the parent/guardian does not call, district personnel will make every effort to call the home when an absence has occurred.

2. The ONLY absences that WILL NOT be used in calculating the attendance record are:

a. Those that occur due to school-sponsored activities, since these are considered an equivalent educational experience. These exemptions will apply to students participating in sports events, cheerleading, music related events, FFA trips, academic field trips and others deemed co-curricular.

b. Bereavement in the immediate family (grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, sister, brother). Parent/guardian must notify the school. Any extended bereavement may be reviewed by the high school principal.

c. Subpoenas to appear in court or court-ordered, out-of-district placements for special services; and

d. Long term illness and/or hospitalization verified by a doctor’s statement. Medical/Dental appointments verified by a doctor’s statement.

3. Absences that will be counted in the 10 day limit include such things as suspension in and out of school, illness, family trips, work days, vacations, visiting friends or relatives, hair and/or photography appointments, skiing, hunting, attending concerts, shopping, or any others not covered in section 2.

4. After five absences from school/class, the parent and student will be contacted by letter.

5. After seven absences from school/class a parent meeting will be encouraged again.

6. On the 10th absence, a letter will be sent home indicating the severity of the situation and explaining in detail the consequences for missing more than the allowed 10 days.

7. On the 11th absence, the student will be penalized two percentage points on his/her semester grade for each day they miss over 10 days.

The policy is stringent, to be sure, and I'm not sure I agree with the premise, but parents need to be aware of the district policy. Shouldn't there already be some academic consequence for not being in school? It seems to work for colleges - I don't know of any that actually decrease your grade for not attending class - you decrease that on your own. I've always believed that if you could miss 20 days of school and still get an A - you should get the A!

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