I did an interview this morning with Libertarian candidate Dan Cox who is from Hamilton.  He is running against Congressman Denny Rehberg and Senator Jon Tester.

Cox is very strong on running government according to the Constitution and he says both Rehberg and Tester have violated many times.  In regards to a balanced budget, he says both men, who have a combined 18 years in Wash. have voted to raise the debt ceiling numerous times and voted for spending that increased the nation's debt to a point where it's around 16-trillion.

Cox points out that 75-percent of Federal spending is for social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare and military, and so "if you're not talking about making big cuts in those areas, no other cuts are really significant."  He called an insult to America's intelligence to be discussing such minor cuts as P-B-S.

In regard to abortion, Cox said he has three children and is no fan of abortion.   He believes that Roe vs Wade is unconstitutional and that only states should decide the criminality of abortion.     Cox told us that the country could immediately cut out the U-S Department of Education because Montana is totally capable of Educating our own children and he also advocates that it is unconstitutional for the Federal government to own millions of acres of land in Montana.

I would love to hear your opinion on the Libertarian platform.  There is a choice, not only for the U-S Senate in Montana, but also for President of the United States.

Listen to our interview with Dan below...

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