Delaney & sounds like a good name for a comedy team but Tim Delaney & Tim Madigan are associate professors back east who have put together a heavy read that takes a look at the differences between "Sustainability" & "Thrivability." The book is, "Beyond Sustainability; A Thriving Environment". This book approaches the study of the environment from TWO academic disciplines: both sociologists & philosophers have concerns about our environment's ability not only to sustain itself but to thrive. Such topics as the 6th mass extinction (now underway), fracking, plastics, food waste & deforestation are explored. This book also considers the skepticism about humans' being the cause of a deteriorating environment & details nature's adverse role in harming the environment. The text gives reasons why choosing a thrivability approach is not only (obviously) beneficial but quite possible, & discusses practical ways in which thrivability can be taught. This is heavy stuff for the ol' main concern today is what to have for lunch (a beer & burger OR soup & a sandwich) & whether I can make it ON TIME tonight to read Montana History up at the Heritage. Check out the book from McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers & find out if you agree or disagree with these eggheads. Either way, I guarantee that it will expand your horizons.

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