(SHELBY) – Summer is here and one of the most frequent questions we're being asked these days is "Will there be a demolition derby at the Marias Fair in July?"

The short answer is yes, but long-time organizer, Todd Howell, says the name and some of the rules have changed. In fact, the rule changes are directly tied to the name "The Marias Fair Chain and Bang" The derby is being toned down a bit to keep things safer and less expensive. Howell told us that drivers were spending significant amounts of money "overbuilding the cars." Now, by literally chaining down doors, trunks and other parts, it won't cost as much and will be safer. He noted that there have been two fairly scary injuries in the past and nobody wants to see that. Mike Lyttle of Conrad is on the 4-county Marias Fair board and the new head of "The Marias Fair Chain and Bang", Sunday night of the fair - July 23rd.

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