It's likely that most of us use one of the major internet browsers-Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer. These browsers have all adopted a "Do Not Track" header to help protect users' privacy. According to my special guest, Sarah Downey, from the online privacy company, Abine, the Do Not Track header only requests that sites not track the user rather than actually BLOCKING the tracking. As a result, Sarah says, users may assume the Do Not Track feature is blocking tracking & keeping them safe when it really isn't. People want to go beyond merely "requesting" that sites not track them-they want to STOP sites from tracking them. Abine's Sarah Downey says Abine does just that with it's tracker blocking tool. And now, in the run-up to the presidential election, it has come to light that Mitt used data brokers to track & effectively target high net worth individuals. Republicans aren't alone in stepping on people's privacy though. The Obama campaign's "Obama for America" app aggregates & shares people's contact & location date. Sarah's been on the Puffman Show before & she's a great guest. She'll be joining me at 4:35 this afternoon (Tuesday) for an online privacy update & to share some more practical tips on how our listeners in north central Montana can improve their online privacy. I like her. She's able to explain in simple terms what exactly is happening to our private data these days, & how to stay safe online. See you later today with Sarah Downey (don't bring me down, Sarah) on the Puffman Show.

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