Renowned anthropologist & storyteller Sally Thompson's reviving Montana history with her riveting new book, "Disturbing the Sleeping Buffalo: 23 Unexpected Stories that Awaken Montana's Past," & I'll have this compelling collection of 23 true stories up for grabs tomorrow (Sat) morning on Puff Man Sports Trivia. Sally unearths new information & startling insights into Montana's untold history. These stories connect past & present, bringing into focus a common heritage among many peoples in an uncommon land. Check out "Disturbing the Sleeping Buffalo," from Farcountry Press, at, & then be the 1st caller in at 7:30 with the correct answer to my sports trivia question, & you'll be another sports trivia WINNER on the Puff Man Show. Saturday morning, 7:30, on KSEN & K96 FM.

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