Our City of Shelby reminds us that many neighborhoods within Shelby share a communal dumpster as well as individual rollouts. The city is asking residents to PLEASE be considerate of their neighbors & garbage collector when filling the dumpsters. Large items hanging out & over the edges prohibit the garbage collector from picking up the dumpster & properly dumping it. Tree branches take up so much space in the dumpster that residents have a hard time putting their household garbage in. At the same time, items left near the dumpster are NOT able to be picked up by the driver. Don't worry about a thing...the city landfill has a large container for tree branches & compostable materials. If you don't have the ability to take a large item to the landfill, please call the Shelby City Shop at 434 5564, for assistance. You can also call the "shop" if your company or worksite needs a large 20 yard container. Let's all continue to make Shelby a GREAT place to live & work!

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