NORMA Ashby that is! Norma will be joining me this afternoon (Wednesday) at 4:30 with details on the "7th Annual Waking the Dead" tours coming up NEXT Sunday, June 25th,down at Highland Park Cemetery in Great Falls. The tours are being sponsored & powered by the Paris Gibson Month Celebration Committee in cooperation with the Great Falls City Park & Recreation Department. People will be transported by 3 trailers & pulled by trucks provided by Hoven Equipment. Just for grins, I think it would be amusing to hook up ol' Norma to 1 of those trailers & see if she still has her "Farm muscles!" Tour hosts on Sunday, the 25th, will be Mary Ann Cosgrove, Eric Stoverud & who else BUT!... NORMA herself. All proceeds from the tours will be DONATED to the People's Park & Recreation Foundation. Because tour seating is limited, people are encouraged to get their tickets early (like NOW!) Tickets are available at the Great Falls Public Library, the City Park & Recreation Department on River Drive North & at Kaufman's Menswear on Central Avenue. While this may be a "Grave event" to put it mildly, it will be fun, informational &, no doubt, one of the few times a person ever has fun in a cemetery. Looking forward to having Norma Ashby, ANOTHER Broadcast "LIVING" L gend on the Puffman Show later this afternoon.

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