That's not me, it's Birdman Ted Richards who had his ears removed & his face & eyeballs tattooed to look like his pet parrots! This eccentric character is one of many featured in the NEW "Ripley's Believe It or Not! Unlock the Weird"! released just THIS week. It's the NEWEST book in the bestselling series from Ripley Publishing & this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:30, Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits & Archives, will be joining me on the Puffman Show. For over 35 years Edward has traveled the world collecting unusual stories & UNBELIEVABLE artifacts to fill "Believe It or Not"! books & museums. The man's a walking encyclopedia of information, some strange, some gross...but all true! Among other stuff in the book I want to ask Edward about is the one guy's attempt to take a break from reality, spending 3 days climbing the Swiss Alps on all fours as a goat! Check out the book from Ripley Publishing & then "Believe It or Not"! this afternoon on the Puffman Show. Right after the interview, the 8th caller in to 434 5241 WINS this mind-blowing collection of fantastic, fun, & even freaky stories from around the world! How weird? There's even an Irish event that's just as unappetizing as it sounds...savoring the flavor of Sheep Dung Spitting! That's it for here now, I'll see you later this afternoon. I'm on my way to LUNCH!