Elton John put on a show as host of ÔSaturday Night LiveÕ this weekend, marking only his second appearance on the long running sketch comedy show.

In his opening monologue, John proclaimed Òthe bitch is backÓ before launching into a series of jokes about his new baby boy, whom John said was born with Òten fingers, ten toes, and $400 million dollars.Ó John also joked about Lady Gaga being his sonÕs (named Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John) godmother.

As for the actual sketches, many seemed to rely on jokes about JohnÕs British roots, his flamboyant stage persona and his sexuality, including one sketch titled ÔThe Old West,Õ in which John played, well, a flamboyant cowboy. (Really, can you blame the writers? WeÕre still trying to figure out why John hosted in the first place.)

Other show highlights included a few appearances by Tom Hanks, who at one point did an okay-but-not-really-that-great impersonation of Michael Caine, a guest spot by ÔSource CodeÕ star Jake Gyllenhaal and musical performances by John and Leon Russell.

Check out some video highlights below.

Elton John Opening Monologue

Sketch: ÔKnights at the RealmÕ

Sketch: ÔThe Old WestÕ

Sketch: Elton Visits The Queen

Sketch: The Silver Screen

Performance: Elton John and Leon Russell, ÔMonkey SuitÕ

Digital Short: Laser Cats, The Musical

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