The Glacier County and Flathead County Disaster Emergency Services have notified KSEN/K96 that US-2 will be reopened Monday morning, August 31st, at 6:00am. Pilot cars will guide traffic through the area of the Sheep Fire, which remains just 1/8 of a mile from the BNSF train tracks.

A Type-2 Water Tender the Structure Protection Group, draws water from the Flathead River Middle Fork use against the Sheep Fire burning about half a mile south of Essex, MT, Aug. 29, 2015. (Photo Jonathan Moor)

The evacuation order for homes and cabins in the Essex area will also be lifted at 6:00am tomorrow. However, residents are advised to remain ready to leave again on short notice, since fire  danger has eased, but is not over.

Cool, calm weather conditions on Friday and Saturday have slowed the activity of the Sheep Fire, allowing fighters to build a defensible fire break along the tracks at Essex.