The first 3 days of this week is careening by like a blink of an eye as Shelby hosts the 45th Annual Range Days. As the final day draws to a close, the MRD Awards Ceremony is scheduled for this afternoon (Wednesday,) at 2, out at the Seewald barn on the fairgrounds. Shelby High School ag man, Thad White, reports, there have been close to 12,000 participants over the past 44 years with 93 students receiving close to $100,000 in scholarship money to pursue degrees. Montana Range Days CAN'T exist without support from our LOCAL & state business. This week's been no exception. Besides that, we don't/won't ever again have to hire a professional rainmaker...look what happened when Colter Brown came to town. for Montana Range Days. We'll put your phone number on speed dial, Colter.

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