If you really think about it, Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to make up for all those times you gave mom a hard time during your youth. After all, a bouquet of daffodils now definitely excuses that time you snuck out of the house at 2 am. And a box of gourmet truffles? The perfect antidote to the antique china you broke while running around like a wild banshee.

But while flowers and chocolate are dandy, they don't last long. Treat Mom to one of these five Mother's Day gifts she'll both use and love for years to come:

1. High-Tech Coffee Maker

With the help of a fancy schmancy coffee maker, you now you have the ability to perk mom up every day! We're digging this Tassimo Brew Boat ($199) since it caters to both straight coffee lovers and those who prefer a latte or cappuccino.

Tassimo Coffee Maker

2. Garden Accessory Must-Haves

Your mom doesn't need a neon green thumb in order to love a handsome garden accessory. Choose a bit of decor that'll make her think of you every time she passes it in the yard. Or you can opt for something a little more hands-on, like this fab Akro-Mils Stack-A-Pot ($65).

Stacked Planter

3. Kitchen Organizers

Cooking is fun, but cooking in an organized kitchen? Even more so. We're thinking something like this Magnetic Spice Rack that holds 12 canisters ($29) or a Hanging Pot Rack ($49 - $150).

Pot Rack

4. Electric Wine Opener

Pair this Oster electric wine opener ($25) with a bottle of your mom's favorite vino. Throw in a few artisanal cheeses and gourmet crackers to totally blow your sibling's gifts out of the water.

Wine Opener

5. Luxurious Foot Spa

Buy your mom a luxurious footbath and she'll no longer have to splurge on costly spa visits. You can find them at affordable prices at most stores, including Target and HoMedics for $20 - $50.

HoMedics Foot Bath

- Contributed by Wendy Gould

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