That's the theme for National Ag Day 2020 coming up on Tuesday, March 24th, & we're celebrating & honoring Montana Ag Appreciation ALL this month on KSEN & K 96 FM! A "Tip-of-our-Towers" to Jason Samsal up in Sunburst. In fact, Montana congressman Greg Gianforte has recognized Jason with his "Spirit of Montana" commendation for his innovation as a conservationist on the Samsal family farm up north of Shelby. The farm's been in the Samsal family for generations, & when Jason was a mere 11 years of age, his grandfather began teaching Jason the ways of our Montana farmers & ranchers. It's now 30 years later, & Jason's taken over the Sunburst operation. With his innovative approach to sustainable farming along with his commitment to conserving Montana's land & creating healthy, practical wildlife habitat, Jason's been an excellent example for our Montana farmers & ranchers. Participating in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) conversation programs, Jason goes over & above to ensure high-quality care for his crops & land. Jason's committed to using a diverse & intense cropping rotation that enhances the soil & protects it from erosion. I'll be blogging more this month during our Montana Ag Appreciation on Jason Samsal's endeavors on his Sunburst farm as he brings "food to our tables!"

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