Framing Etc has been in business since 1987 - That's almost 30 years of service to customers all across north central Montana!

When Chary started her own main street business in 1987, she called it Graphic Arts Studio, with the addition of picture-framing services, the name changed to Framing Etc in 1999. The business is located at 312 1/2 South Main in Conrad, just north of the stop light where you can easily stop in to see examples of a variety of different framing projects, adn get ideas for your own upcoming projects! Recent oil paintings done by Chary are also on display.

Chary's work features unique and personalized orders. In face, so many of her customers request something new and different, that she says "I specialize in special orders!"

Chary stives to produce a quality product at an affordable price, and all her work is done right there in Conrad.

Specifically, work done by Chary Majerus includes:

  • Picture framing (ranging from simple to complex projects)
  • Calligraphy (defined as "the ar of beautiful writing")
  • Sign Painting (which includes refurbishing old signs as well as painting new ones)
  • Combinations of Services ( such as doing caligraphy directly on mats, and then framing them)

Featured Products are Framign Etc, are each and every completed order and satisfied customer, but it is particularly fulfilling for Chary when she is able to complete a "Memorial shadowbox" framing project for families who have lost loved ones.

Chary is most recognized for Whoop-up window paintings on participating Conrad businesses. She has been involved in various community service activities since 1979, when she and her husband Dan started helping the Conrad Lions Club promote the Conrad Whoop-Up Trail Days and Rodeo.

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