Some of my colleagues here at the station claim that if it wasn't for the FREE coffee & the internet, I wouldn't show up for work! All that aside, TODAY (Friday) is International Coffee Day. Did you know that the Swedes take multiple 15 minute coffee breaks a day in which NO work is discussed, no one checks their cellphones & everyone talks with one another, all while downing coffee & chowing down on delicious baked goods. No wonder the Swedes are among the happiest people in the world. There's even a real Swede living out in California (where else!) by the name of Emile Odback who's written a book introducing Americans to the Swedish concept of Fika as an antidote for loneliness & divisiveness. Mr. Odback's book is, "Fika Fix: How a New Take on the Coffee break Can Cure the Loneliness Epidemic." Good luck with the book Mr. Odback & hopefully your fellow workers don't accuse YOU of showing up at work for the free Fika & the internet!

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