GREAT FALLS — Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks recently honored the service of central Montana hunter, bowhunter, and trapper education instructors at a workshop in Great Falls. At the 2024 Region 4 workshop, twenty-eight instructors were awarded for their service milestones, ranging from 5 to 50 years. The latest honorees are listed below.

The heart of Montana's hunter, bowhunter, and trapper education programs are the dedicated volunteer instructors who keep Montana's traditions strong by promoting safety, ethics, and responsibility. FWP currently relies on nearly 1000 volunteer instructors across Montana to teach these programs to both youth and adults. There are 121 instructors spread across communities in  FWP’s Region 4.

“The instructors who volunteer their time to teach new hunters and trappers are passionate and dedicated to Montana’s hunting tradition and especially to teaching safe firearm skills,” said Dave Hagengruber, FWP regional communication and education program manager in Great Falls. “These folks serve their communities and Montana hunters in a very meaningful way, and they deserve sincere thanks and gratitude for their volunteer spirit and effort.”


2024 Region 4 Instructor Service Awards

5 year hunter education

  • Jackson Hamill – Great Falls
  • Gregg Hansen – Shelby
  • Michael Jensen – Great Falls
  • Jay Kolbe – White Sulphur Springs
  • Brent Lonner – Fairfield
  • Kayla Muston – Great Falls
  • Paul Wilson - Fairfield

10 year bowhunter education

  • Laura Buck - Choteau

10 year hunter education

  • Laura Buck – Choteau

15 year hunter education

  • Eugene Couch – Lewistown
  • Cody Houston - Ulm

20 year bowhunter education

  • John Buck - Choteau 

20 year hunter education

  • John Buck – Choteau
  • Ken Hanson – Great Falls
  • Stan Huhtala – Chester
  • David Phillips – Great Falls
  • Tony Sinclair – Browning
  • Deb Solum - Chester

25 year hunter education

  • William Creamer IV – Moore
  • Ryan Rauscher – Conrad
  • Bradley Romanchuk – Sand Coulee
  • Dean Schuler - Carter
  • Ralph Widhalm – Valier

30 year bowhunter education

  • Glenn Martin Jr. – Great Falls

 35 year hunter education

  • Bruce Luhrsen – Lewistown
  • Mary Meserve – Winnett
  • Michael Sherrard – Shelby

 45 year hunter education

  • Ed Erickson – Conrad

 50 year hunter education

  • Drew Uecker – Great Falls

 Region 4 Instructor of the Year

  • Barbara Broberg – Cut Bank

 Lifetime Achievement in Education Award

  • Drew Uecker – Great Falls

For anyone interested in the future of hunting, improving sportsmanship and safety in the field, and teaching an appreciation for the hunting resources in Montana, FWP encourages them to sign up to become an instructor. For more information, visit or in north central Montana, call Dave Hagengruber at 406-454-5845.

For more information on hunter, bowhunter, and trapper education in Montana, including upcoming courses, please visit:

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