Peter Franklin, the Gabby Cabby, is in the pink of health & will be joining me this afternoon (Monday) at 4:40 on the Puffman Show right after Puffman Musical Trivia. The "Driver of the Yellow Mobile Conveyance Lounge (the taxi cab) says on his website: www.gabby,com, that New York's JFK airport has started screening for Ebola...bottom line here is: if you're flying in from Liberia, Sierra Leone & Guinea, don't have a temperature or you might never get out of the airport! Pete's city, New York, seems to be in a they're sending actors into public hospitals to test response skills in action. To make matters worse, airplane cabin cleaning crews over at New York's LaGuardia Airport have began a strike, citing possible exposure to the Ebola virus. Hopefully IF the Gab Man DOES have Ebola, it can't be transmitted through long distance phone lines or else we're all in trouble here at the Radiator Station. See you later today with more True Tales from the streets of New York with the Gabby Cabby.