I'll be checking in with my friend Peter Franklin, aka The Gabby Cabby tomorrow (Saturday) morning during the 9 o'clock hour of the Puffman Show. Pete has removed his Yellow Mobile Conveyance from the streets of New York in attempt to stay out of the way of an 80 year old lady driver who wears green pants & a cap. According to the alert that was recently issued, the woman stands 5 feet tall & tips the scales at 150 pounds! Gabby also has some comments on the late Joan Rivers (who NEVER rode in his cab) along with his usual "Slice of Live" from the Big Apple. Check out Pete's website at: gabby.com & follow along when he's on the radio. I might mention that the Gabby Cabby gives the BEST tours in town if you'll be visiting New York. I keep thinking that I might get a job offer from there the Big Market) & will soon be palling around with Pete all the time. See you tomorrow morning around 9:30 when the Gabby Cabby's on line.