Want to cruise the streets of Shelby, Cut Bank or Conrad playing as Pac-Man? You can with the Google Maps April Fools Day gag.

 Google Maps has made any location on their map playable as a Pac-Man game.

Downtown Shelby Pac-Man Style

Recognize these streets? That’s downtown Shelby. Pac-Man is set up at the corner of 5th Street North and Granite Avenue while the ghosts are located along Marias Avenue


Downtown Cut Bank Pac-Man Style

Here’s what Cut Bank looks like Pac-Man style. Pac-Man is on the corner of 2nd Ave SE and 1st Street while the Ghosts are on 2nd Ave SE


You can play Pac-man in any city in the world, just go to Google Maps, find the city you want to play in and down in the corner you'll see the Pac-man option;


Get out there and gobble up those pellets!


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