Talk about a regular "Day in the shade!" There'll be a Tree & Lawn Care Workshop THIS Monday over at the Glacier County Courthouse Annex in Cut Bank &Toby Day will be "Saving the day." Toby's the MSU Extension Horticulture Specialist, & he'll be covering the hard fundamentals like tree & management, tree pruning, lawn care management, watering, fertilization & aeration. There'll be a FREE workshop which will include in-yard component learning practical maintenance skills. The Social for Master Gardener group's from 5 until 5:45 Monday afternoon & the Lawn & Tree Care Management & Pruning runs from 6 until 8. Please contact the Glacier County Extension Office for more information at 873 2239 or visit them on the lawn...uh, I MEAN the web, at: As I like to say, get grandfather out from under the awning, he's turning into a "Shady character."

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