The Smile Shop here in Shelby, will be celebrating 10 years in business all during the month of March. Back on March 3, 2011, the gleam in Lena Tronson's eyes came to fruition, & now, 10 years later, the store has DOUBLED! Not in size mind you, but in customers & stock. During the month of March, you'll have an opportunity to play some 10 different FUN games. My friend, Lena, has remained open throughout the COVID pandemic too, making masks & giving them out for FREE. In fact, one of my neighbors related to me that his poor dog got his tale cut off in a door jam. I suggested he take the animal to a "RETAIL" store, & besides, Lena's a seamstress, & she offers her sewing talents to our community. Happy 10th birthday Smile Shop, & here's looking at another 10 years of service & friendship to Shelby, & North Central Montana!

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