I'm happy to blog our City of Shelby is once again applying for funding from the Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks Recreation Trails Program to light the rural portion of the trail. This makes good sense to be because many trail users have asked about lighting because of  their work schedules that make it next to impossible to access the trail until later in the evening. That said, many would like to use the trail in spring & fall during the shorter daylight hours, not to mention when we have extreme heat during the dog days of summer. The bottom line is always SAFETY, & those uneven asphalt surfaces & obstructions out on the trail would be even more visible with adequate lighting. We can all make this work by sending or emailing you letters to Lorette Carter over at Shelby City Hall by the application deadline on Friday, February 11th. Your letters should be addressed to:

Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks

Recreation Trails Program

P.O. Box 200701

Helena, MT 59620.

Happy Trails to us Shelby!

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