Submitted by Janet Hawks

What is the name of your farm or ranch and where is it located?


Hawks Angus is the name and we are located in the Northern Liberty County.

Who started the operation and has it been passed down through your family? Or was it purchased from another family?


Adrians grandparents homesteaded the home place over 100 years ago. His Mother and Brother still live there. In 1975 Adrian and his brother bought the place we live on. They have since split into two operations. We raise wheat and barley and some hay. We have always had some cattle on our operation but in the 70's we decided to start a small registered Angus

business. What started out small has now grown to over 300 head of those registered cattle. Our son went to college but after graduating has moved back to work a long side us.

What are your hopes for the future of your operation?


WE look forward to seeing if the 3rd generation on our place is going to want to continue to do what we do. It is a good life, lots of hard work, but in the end there is a sense of accomplishment

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