I've put together a Puffman Musical Trivia question for this afternoon (Monday) all about a popular 50's/60's lead singer who left his group for a solo career,PLUS, I'll be spinning one of his all time BIG HITS when he was with the group. This malcontent took the exit door on this date, June 6th, back in 1960. The 1st caller with the correct answer to my musical trivia question WINS Weam Namou's novel, "The Flavor of Cultures," in which Mervat, born in Iraq as a minority Christian & in the late 1970's, came to America at age 2. Torn between her cultural heritage which dates back over 7300 years & the new land of freedom & opportunity, she watches friends live an Americanized lifestyle while she clings onto Middle Eastern traditions, all along yearning for the courage to follow her own path, to "Trust thyself." Weam Namou is an Iraqi American author, filmmaker & journalist & her poetry, essays & articles have appeared in national & international journals, not to mention Puffman Musical Trivia this afternoon at 4:35! Listen for your chance to be a "Weam Winner" on musical trivia!