Dale & Sue...they'll be my special guests THIS Friday afternoon at 2:30 on the Puffman Show. Infamous Conrad author & all round "good guy" Dale Sheldon along with his wife, Sue, will be here to share the latest on the Centennial of the beautiful Orpheum Theater down in Conrad. Speaking of the "Arts," come this Sunday afternoon, the Pondera Arts Council will be presenting an "Afternoon for the Arts" at the Pondera Golf Course in Conrad. Don't worry about a thing, "Dangerous" Dale & "Sweet" Sue will be filling us in on all the Sunday afternoon activities & FUN at the golf course. Tickets are STILL available for the event & I'll be asking Dale & Sue WHERE the tickets are, how much they are & the time "Afternoon for the Arts" along with a bazillion more questions because I'm a naturally curious fellow. Looking forward to "Afternoon for the Arts" on Sunday plus the Sheldon's in the studio Friday afternoon at 2:30. I only pray that Dale lets Sue do the driving on the way up from Conrad!

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