I'm talking about my friend Peter Franklin, aka, The Gabby Cabby who cruises the streets of the Big Apple in his yellow mobile conveyance lounge. In layman's terms, that a taxi cab! Pete will be joining me this afternoon, Friday, on the Puffman Show at 4:45 with a ton of true unbelievable tales from Gotham. This is basically a repeat of last Saturday morning's show but I fell asleep during his broadcast & I'd like a chance to hear it again...especially the part where he talks about his "Celebrity Sighting" of the beautiful Cameron Diaz in Central Park...Pete got to watch her playing volleyball!  Pete truly IS the Man-Who-Does-It-All, what with his wacky cab driving adventures, his Gabby Cabby Blog, his animated comic strip, his books (he has TWO!), his guided tours of New York City, & his weekly broadcasts heard all over the world including China & right here in Shelby, Montana! I also heard that he is cutting hair on Saturday's at Frank Shaunnesy's Barber Shop & Shoe Repair in the Bronx. Don't take my word for it...check out the Gab Man's website at: gabby.com & then tune in this afternoon at 4:45. I'm going to try & stay awake this time!