You've probably listened to Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'" more times than you could count, but you've almost certainly never heard it sound anything like this.

Per Deadspin, professional hockey player Ryan Hollweg decided to strap on his guitar and take a leisurely skate around the ice after a recent game, all while treating the crowd to a thoroughly distinctive rendition of the Top 10 hit from Petty's Full Moon Fever album. As the article notes — and you can hear in the video above — Hollweg didn't exactly have a firm grasp of the chords or the vocal melody, but he may have made up for both of those deficiencies with sheer enthusiasm.

After starting his NHL career as a member of the New York Rangers, Hollweg bounced around a bit, serving stints with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Phoenix Coyotes before heading to the Czech Republic to play for the HC Škoda Plzeň, where he's been on the roster since 2012 — which means that not only does this video capture a guitar-wielding hockey player singing a Tom Petty song on the ice, but it was filmed in front of dozens of Czechs (who, as you'll hear, seem to love their Petty as much as we do).

Hollweg probably won't be invited on stage with the Heartbreakers anytime soon, but as one YouTube commenter puts it, this performance is "so awful that you have to love it" — and if nothing else, it ensures that former Buffalo Sabre Jim Schoenfeld isn't the only rock 'n' roll hockey star in league history.

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