That's Dr. Clem Pellett(!) & Clem & some of his new Hollywood friends will be joining me this afternoon at 2:30 on the Puffman Show. Clem's in town along with some of the "movie people" to do some "test shooting" for the upcoming movie, "Pellett." In fact, they had our Main Street closed off from 7 until 10 this morning for shooting. "Lights, camera, ACTION" I like to say. The west coast movie moguls will be filming at various locations in & around Shelby & Marias Valley today, not to mention making a MAJOR public announcement at 6 o'clock tonight during the Shelby Market & Music down at Shelby City Park. Fred Fontana, direct from Hollywood, will be here too, so for a "Stage Door Johnny" like myself, this will probably end up being the most important day of my life. Looking forward to touching base with the Pellett & company this afternoon at 2:30, not to mention riding Clem's coattails down at Shelby City Park this evening. It's all part of being the Puffman! And yes, don't worry about a thing, I'll have a major part in the movie. Who's says there's no such thing as a second act in life. I'm ready!

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